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From: katharine
Date: 2001-08-05 19:49:00 UTC
Subject: Food Stashing

I am looking for some suggestions to stop Emma's
obsessive food stashing.

Emma was a rescue from a feed store who came here
in May. She was in heat and has since been
spayed. She is very young and has fit in great
with DaBoyz. She is a total sweetheart and cute
as a button and has adjusted to her life here
quite well.

The problem is that she stashes food like crazy.
I've found, over the years, tiny little piles of
stashed food on occasion. With Emma, it's
enormous amounts all over the house. I can lie on
my stomach and pull out more than I can hold in my
two hands just from under a bed. It's under
dressers, behind the hot tub, and lord knows where
else. When she first gets out of the cage, she
runs back and forth and back and forth with food
in her mouth. I never paid much attention until I
started finding these stashes. They're not in
piles either, they're strewn all over the place.
It's not so big a deal except that I'm afraid it
will start attracting ants. I try to get it up
when I find it but I know there's a bunch more I
haven't found.

I think that animals do this to insure there is
food for them. But, by now, she should realize
there is an endless supply. Anytime this has
happened in the past, it has stopped after a time.

Any suggestions or thoughts?