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From: Bonny
Date: 2001-03-03 13:13:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret Leg Injury

Hi all,

Hi. I had been posting in Frolicking Ferrets about my ferret, Tiki
who had injured her leg a week or so ago. She had been limping on it
for like a day or two but seemed to recover pretty fast. It never
slowed her down and she was still running and hopping around as
usual. I didn't notice any places on her leg that would suggest any
sort of injuries or anything at the time. The vet (only one available
at that time) in a distant town said that if she's playing around
like that and I didn't find any physical evidence of injuries then
she's probably okay.

Well, I'm on a tight budget and Tiki did seem to be doing much much
better so I decided to go ahead and let her heal on her own. I was
watching Tiki play last night and it seems that she's still having
trouble with her foot. She plays so hard that it's impossible to tell
really, plus my hubby kept insisting that she was okay... Well, I
finally got a really good feel of her leg last night and I noticed a
definate difference between one and the the other. It had me sooo
scared..... and completely ashamed of myself for not noticing it

We called the vet in a nearby town (who was previously out of the
country) and they said the only thing they can do is make an
appointment for her on Wednesday since the Dr. who sees "exotic
animals" won't be in until then.... so that's when we go. A few more
days can't make much more of a difference can it? The first vet I
contacted apparantly isn't very trustworthy and I really don't have
many options for her. I live in "hickville" and there's not a lot of
vets trained to care for ferrets.

My question is... what the could be wrong with her leg? It's in the
joint area and she has been able to use the leg all along. I'm hoping
she just pulled it out of place... I can't imagine she would be
running and hopping on it like she does if it were broke.... or could
she? If anyone can help shed a little light on the subject, I'd
really appreciate it. =) Thank you soooo much!!! =)

Sincerely, Bonny