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From: Christine Bertch
Date: 2001-08-05 22:27:00 UTC
Subject: Tooth problem in very young ferret

I have done some reading in the archives about ferrets having canine
teeth that were poking into the lip, but none mentions the exact age of the
ferret. I'm taking care of a very young one (about 12 weeks) who has
already developed a small hole in his upper lip, and it does seem to be
getting worse. He's still eating ok, but it does seem painful.
So my question is, since he's so young is filing the tooth still an
option? I'm not against having the tooth removed but I don't want to do
that if it's too risky... My vet also suggested we could try some
correctional measures to move the tooth--is that something anyone else has
Also, is anesthesia a bigger risk due to his young age? I don't
read about many procedures done on very young ferrets...