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From: Marla Wadsworth
Date: 2001-08-05 23:10:00 UTC
Subject: thanks in advance to all

Thanks to all of you who have been answering my posts(and I promise to
use spell check next time!!). Fro is a doing OK and Artey is flat
ferreting...even with the AC on it is still hot and they all play sooooo
hard...if I may ask that you all keep me in your prayers..I am a single
mom to two teens and an ailing cat...myt 17 year old long hair, Josie,
has arthritis and the joint in her hips are deteriorating so she needs a
prayer as well as all my fuzzbutts...the cat is fairly comfy on meds at
the moment. I also volunteer at the local SPCA (can be very
heartbreaking work at times...) and work several jobs(I work in mental
health) so I would appreciate any prayers you could send our way...not
asking for sympathy...just prayers for energy and stamina to take care
of everyone...thanks so much in advance...oh and Lisette...I read the
story of will indeed be was wonderful...please
give her human kissies for me...
Much love to all.....Marla and the fuzzbutts...Meiko, Cinnamon. Fro,
Artey, Smokey and the Bandit....