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Date: 2001-08-06 00:02:00 UTC
Subject: Re: sick ferret...I lost her

Oh...I lost her. I rushed her down to the local emergency vet even
though ferrets were not their specialty, it was all I had. They gave
me two choices. One was to put her down, which they did not think she
would make it and recommended it. Two was to try a few things to
hydrate her and take her home and see how she does. I was alone and
very torn up. They left the room for me to decide. Well, she made the
choice for me. She died in my arms right after they left. they said
she was very dehydrated. She had 19cc of fluid yesterday at the vet
and I have been feeding her 5cc and hour of pedelite(spelling?). The
emergency vets said water by mouth is not a very effective way of
hydrating them. They need fluids through a IV. I should of done that
yesterday but I was not told that. I was led to believe that this way
would be a OK alternative. She seemed fine then all of a sudden this
hit. I have no idea of her age, she could be very old. I rescued her
about 6 to 8 months ago. The said she could of had it before I got
her. She had the sweetest temperament but she never did play and I
always thought that odd. She just explored and slept. Maybe she has
been sick for a long time.
I just started noticing that I feel the hip bones more so that I did
before on my other two ferrets. That concerns me. I am going to see
if I cannot find a good vet in the Gilbert AZ area and take them in.
One's poop is not real firm and kind of yellowish. They both act fine
and are eating,playing and drinking but I guess you can't go by that.
I feel so bad. With my sister in law's heart attack last week and
relatives in town staying with us, I wasn't as attentive as I
normally am. I wish I would of seen this sooner. Thanks for all your
help. Kristine