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From: William Killian
Date: 2001-08-06 21:48:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Bob C: "Ferrets" quiz Question-follow-up


Are you at all familiar with the jerky product from The Ferret Store? It is
popular with our ferrets anyway.

If it seems healthy enough it could be a substitute for the time impaired.

Rosie's Rewards
Ingredients: All Natural 100% Pure Dried Beef. Range Grown, Hormone
Free, USDA - Inspected Beef

Crude Protein, minimum....60%
Crude Fat, minimum.....20%
Crude Fat, maximum.....32.7%
Crude Fiber, maximum.....3%
Moisture, maximum.......5.5%
Taurine HPLC, maximum.... .061%

Not responsible for typographical errors.

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> One thing I forgot to discuss is dried meats. I offer beef jerky, dried
> shrimp and fish (mostly salmon or trout), and chicken or turkey jerky to
> my ferrets as treats, which they love. The Late, Great Bear would bite
> your finger if you tried to take his beef jerky away! I don't offer
> commercial products manufactured for humans because of the high salt
> content, and the seasonings are unnecessary.