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From: Kalee Cline
Date: 2001-08-06 22:16:00 UTC
Subject: lupron ferret life expectancy

Hello. I have a ferret that was diagnosed with
adrenal disease. The vet opened him up, and it was
attached to a lot of stuff. Being afraid of him
"bleeding out," he was sewed back up without taking
anything out. Now, he is on Lupron. My question:
how long do ferrets live on Lupron? I know that you
can't give me an exact, but are we talking weeks,
months, years? Also, what will he die of? I know
that Lupron doesn't kill the cancer, so he will die of
cancer related stuff... but what is that? What should
I be looking for? Is this something where I need to
think about when to put him to sleep? If so, I just
want to know what to expect so that I can think about
this ahead of time and not at the last minute. Do
they die in their sleep, or of kidney failure, or
diabetic type comas, what?


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