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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-08-07 00:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Need advise to avoid heat stroke (or worse)

Those temperatures are deadly to ferrets. A fan does no good for
your ferret. Since they don't sweat, the fan doesn't carry any heat
away from the ferret's body.

I would seriously consider having her stay somewhere that's air-
conditioned until you get a break in the heat wave. Heat kills and
being separated for a few days is better than being separated

In the meantime, fill some 2 liter coke bottles about 3/4's full of
water and freeze 'em solid. Once frozen, wrap in a single layer of
towel and put a couple of them in with your ferret to snuggle up to.
A fan blowing over these may help to cool your ferret.

Most of all, DON'T WAIT. Do something right away.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., owens_s_ca@y... wrote:
> Hello again everyone.
> I need some advise on what to do during extreme heat spells. It
> 104 F today, and the news said this is going to continue until at
> least Friday. I've never experienced this kind of heat in MY life,
> let alone know what to do to help my little girl. I don't have
> access to an air conditioner, I've got 3 really big fans going at
> times (one practically right on her when she's sleeping), but don't
> know what else I can do. If nothing else, I'll check into boarding
> her at the vets where it's at least air conditioned (as much as
> hate being separated). I'm terrified of something happening to her
> because of the heat. So, any and all tricks, tips, etc. would be
> GREATLY appreciated by us both.
> Thanks again.
> Suzanne