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From: Kristine Owen
Date: 2001-08-07 00:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: sick ferret...thanks and update

I wanted to thank everyone for your help.
I found a exotic vet this morning and rushed my other
2 down. I wish I had found him sooner. He looked at
the one I lost's poop and thought it was distemper.
She only had one dot in her ear and doesn't think she
was vaccinated. My other 2 are Marshall and have been
vaccinated once. That saved them. It has not hit them
as fast. They have some muscle loss at the hips. He
put them on Antibiotics and a substance to replace the
good bacteria in the intestines.
I found out they did not give anywhere near enough
fluids at the other vet. The other vet had told me not
to give fluids until 8 o'clock at night because of the
19cc of fluid they gave her in the morning, it would
just be too much for her. I guess that wasn't a lot
after all and wouldn't of lasted very long. The
medication they gave me was so dangerous to humans
that he won't use it. It drops the white blood cells
in humans if it gets on your skin. He is even open 7
days a week! If I had only known. He also said the
ferret ear wash I used had a chemical in it that is as
toxic as anti-freeze if digested,wow! Tom marrow I
have my dogs coming in to get shots. I didn't realize
how important shots were since my animals stay
inside.I won't make the same mistake again.
You know, I had a good ferret vet, that was referred
to me, number handy. I rushed her down as soon as the
opened on Saturday. I was told they were to busy to
see me and I would have to make an appointment because
they were completely booked. They would not help her.
I couldn't believe it. I am thinking of letting the
vet know what happened.
Thanks, again all. Kristine

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