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From: Amber
Date: 2001-08-07 00:48:00 UTC
Subject: VERY ill ferret..please help!

About 2 months ago I rushed one of my ferrets (4.5 yr old female) to
the vet. She was pooping "pools" of dark mucousy blood. This didnt
look anything like stool at was pure liquid. The vet
suspected ulcers and she was given

Carafate - 1/8th tablet every 8-12 hours
Trimeth - .3cc 2xday
Pepto Bismol - .5cc every 8-12 hours.

She seemed to recover just fine. Actually...that was the only day I
saw any blood at all. However, her stool never looked "normal" always
quite runny, yellowish-brown and mucousy. Sometimes it was a bit
more "firm" but seedy looking. Other than that..she was quite active,
seemed very happy and healthy.

Well, this week I noticed a rather rapid weight loss. I tried handing
her a few pieces of kibble..but she refused. This is something she
has NEVER done. She always accepts the kibble???? I didnt notice any
changes in eating habits since I have 2 other ferrets in the same
cage...sharing the bowl. But she had definately refused to eat. I
noticed this on a weekend and the vet was not in. So, I had to force
feed her chicken baby food. She wont even eat it on her own.

Today I took her to the vet. She was there all day and still he is
unsure of her condition. HE stated there were no parasites found in
her fecal exam and he didnt feel foreign object causing an

The exam notes state:
*Weight - 1.2 lbs
*Diganois - Eosinonophilic Gastroenteritis/Inflamatory Bowel

She was given more Carafate (same dosage as before), Flagyl - .5cc
every 8-12 hours, and a can of Hills A/D

Well..administering the first dosage didnt go well. She immediately
spit up the Flagyl! So, I thought i'd disquise it in the Hills.
Nope..she knew it was there. She threw it up within minutes. She will
NOT tolerate the Flagyl one bit. She doesnt even like the Hills. I
was able to mix it in with the chicken baby food..and was able to get
her to lick some from the syringe. On a positive note....I am able to
get her to lick the baby food from the palm of my hand...rather than
force her with a syringe. But..she is not eating it willingly. We
have to scruff her or she will wiggle away and hide. She doesnt
appear to be drinking from the bottle either...however, she will lick
up water from a "knocked over" cup on the floor. I'm calling the vet
in the morning but I would really appreciate any advice possible.
There must be something that will help her!!!! She is very thin and
does nothing but sleep. When she is out....she will walk around a
bit..and seems to get jolts of "nervous" energy (definately not the
usual behaviour) then will curl up and sleep.
Any advice?

Thank you so much!!
Amber , sick lil Nilla, Ferris, and Rikki