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From: Steph
Date: 2001-08-07 05:42:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Mikey

On Sunday morning I posted that my ferret was walking a few
steps and lying on his side then repeating this. I was
worried that it was whatever was wrong with Mikey getting
worse, but I have since found that it was totally unrelated.
On Sunday it progressed to a lot of vomitting and blood in his
stool. It ended up that he had eaten part of a cat toy. I
thought that I had my place ferret proof, but with Mikey it is
ending up more of a challenge. Toys that were alright with my
other ferrets are not ok with him. Even in his cage Mikey has
found things to get into. A couple of weeks ago I had him
into the clinic for eating Yesterday's News. I now use folded
newspaper with him in his litter boxes.
Thank you for bearing with me.