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Date: 2001-08-07 08:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Food Stashing

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., RRC <rrc961@m...> wrote:
> It's not going to happen. Sorry, but you've already indicated it has
> been going on for years. That sounds pretty much like it isn't
>going to stop in the near future.

Thanks for the info and suggestions, Bob. I will clarify one thing,
though. Emma (the stasher) has only been living with us for less
than 3 months. She was a breeder and was rescued from a feed store.
My mention of "over the years" applied to other ferrets who would
stash for a short time and then quit. I'm not sure if Emma has been
doing this the whole time she's been here or if it's a relatively new
behavior. I'm still hoping that she will eventually understand that
she has an endless supply of food.

My vet suggested not giving access to cage food while they're out,
forcing everyone to eat her stashes. I'm not sure what that would
do. Would she just stash more and more because that's all that is
available when they're out?