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Date: 2001-08-07 08:13:00 UTC
Subject: Cedes' Bloodwork

Cedes had a bilateral adrenalectomy last Tuesday. I came to this
List for guidance on follow-up as the bilateral was a new experience
for me. Dr. Purcell recommended bloodwork 5-7 days post-surgery to
test cortisol and electrolyte (sodium:potassium) levels.

Took Cedes yesterday and he passed with flying colors! His prostate
has also shrunk to about 1/3 the size it was prior to surgery. Since
he's doing so well, I'll remove his stitches myself in another week
and not subject him to the stress of yet another vet visit. About a
week after he finishes his pred (early September), I'll take him back
for another round of bloodwork.

The pathology report came back on the left adrenal as benign tissue.
I don't remember the actual terminology. The right couldn't be
tested as it was removed via cryosurgery.

Also picked up Champ's ashes while I was there. He is now with Lily
and Blaze.