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Date: 2001-08-07 09:11:00 UTC
Subject: frozen mice, dirty mouths and washing tails

Hi everybody. I have 3 questions.
1. I was wondering how you feed frozen mice to ferrets. Do you put
them in
the microwave? I thought I remembered that putting bones of any
kind in the
microwave was bad. Should I thaw them in the sink (I can just
imagine a
friend coming over and having frozen mice floating around in the
Any suggestions?
2. Mischief has a dirty mouth. No, she's not cussing, around her
mouth is
food particles that are very difficult to wash off. Does anyone
ferrets have dirty mouths? and if so, how do you clean them?
3. This question is kinda for Russ but of course anyone can answer.
Im just
asking him since he seems to be the expert tail-washer around here.
got the Johnson's facial scrub and put it on Carrot's tail. Boy,
was she
unhappy. I got all 4 paws with claws in my chest and stomach. It
ended up
with me wetter than Carrot. Do you have any tips on bathing (just
the tail)
without causing a major catastrophe? or WWIII, and it's just me
also, I don't
have any help. Should I be doing this more than once a day also?
Thanks--to ~ all you fur lovin people~!