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Date: 2001-08-07 15:05:00 UTC
Subject: Could Use Vet Advice on Wheezing Ferret..

Question about wheezing Ferret.. 2 1/2 months ago I bought a HUGE
Path Valley Male Ferret. He was estimated at about 13 weeks old when
I bought him. So I would guess him to be about 23-25 weeks old right
now. He seems Healthy, Eats, Drinks Poops Ok.. But my Question is
after owning 4 other ferrets, I have heard Dooking, Hissing, coughing
etc.. But Never the Wheezing Asthma sound that he makes. He sounds
like he is gasping. But he does this only when hes out running
around, playing etc.. outside of the cage. Its loud and Im not sure
if this is a normal sound. He seems OK in every other way. They have
a Large SuperPet cage and I use old Shirts, blankets etc as bedding
and Use Yesterdays news litter.. Any ideas would be appreciated..

Sharon, Ray
Princess, Mystic, Crystal and Galooch
Missing Woobie more than words can say..