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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-07 18:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Need advise to avoid heat stroke (or worse)

In a bad situation if a/c just can be arranged (which should be
really really tried) here are options:

1. Move ferrets to basement where it is usually a good deal cooler if
possible and if the basement actually is cooler.

2. Use multiple ice bottles as folks have described (or bowls with
melting ice) but also tent the cage so that a smaller area is being
cooled because that is easier to do. Meanwhile, wet down the fabrics
that are being used to tent the cage and blow fans on THAT. Keep
room door closed to not be trying to cool a large area. Check often
and have a thermometer in there. Do not run a lot of electronics in
that room since they will just heat it up. Close any blinds to
reduce solar gain to the point where it is dim but you can see
without lights since lights will heat the room.

3. Go to a rental store and rent a window a/c for that room, or buy
an a/c if that is more do-able. Make sure that you have the window
ferret proofed, and if you can't then they just will have to be caged
for a while for their own safety except when directly supervised.
Reduced activity will keep them a bit cooler. If you close the
room door the a/c will work better since you need to focus where the
ferrets are and a small a/c may well not cool the entire place and
could quickly become unaffordable and over-used if too large an area
is being serviced.

4. You can also cool slabs of marble in the fridge (as exist for
candy making and other uses) for laying on for an additional aid.
Some tiles can serve the same use.