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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-03 15:33:00 UTC
Subject: Low Protein & Whipping Cream

Can anyone tell me whether whipping cream is OK on
a low protein diet? Champ is on low protein.
He's my baby with renal failure. I have re-done
my soup recipe making it low protein. He doesn't
seem to be eating kibble at all and will only eat
his soup if I hold him. Then, two days ago, he
didn't want to eat his soup unless it was licked
off my finger. This makes it extremely difficult
to give him his sub-q fluids <g>. I depend on his
morning soup to keep him occupied. Anyway, I have
been adding whipping cream the last couple of
days. He is now eating his soup on his own
again. The calories won't hurt since this is all
he's eating. I read on the whipping cream box but
it just says a serving (1 T??) is 1% of the RDA
for protein.

Any clues?