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From: StarAngels
Date: 2001-08-07 20:24:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Another Heat Stroke Prevention idea

you can also spray down the house wall's on the outside and if you aloud
water and you have grass near your front door.. water always cools things
off water the grass by the front door and have a fan sitting at that door
too.. also i'm sure many a cool bath would help also... or even they can
have their own little swimming pool's!
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From: Susan Farrell
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 9:48 AM

It might help to try to cool down the place as well.
Even if it is just one or two rooms. Closing the
shades to keep the sun out helps a room from heating
up. Ventilation helps too. We have a/c, but sometimes
that room just gets warm, poor insulation. I have one
of those Honeywell air purifiers that I use to
circulate the air, this helps. Sometimes I'll also run
a fan at the door.

I have used the frozen water bottle before too. Also
having a bowl of ice worked ok too. They would lick
the ice cubes (previous home w/o ac)

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