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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-03 15:54:00 UTC
Subject: ADV Testing

I was hoping for some more opinions on ADV
testing. Does this mean that most of you do not /
have not tested?

The literature says that they get some false
negatives. It doesn't mention the percentage. It
also recommends the testing be done 3-4 times per
year. So, if you get a negative test, what does
that really mean? They may be negative or they
may not? Is that why it's recommended to test
this many times? Do most people REALLY test that
often? Is this forever?

How soon after exposure do symptoms show up? How
long before a test would show a positive result?
How do you quarantine?

As I said earlier, I don't think we can assume we
won't be getting more ferrets in the future. Most
of us will end up with more, probably through
rescue. My last two were both found wandering
the streets with no known history. I don't even
know their ages.

I keep wondering what the point is in testing. I
guess I just don't understand. I do know that if
ADV entered my household, I wouldn't take in any
more ferrets for XXX amount of time, whatever that
time frame is. And, what about the ones in the
infected household who don't show signs or test
positive? They could still be carriers, couldn't
they? So, they couldn't be sent somewhere else to
protect them. It seems they could carry the
disease to another location.

I'm just terribly confused and want some questions
answered. I am not one to rush out and test for

Any and all opinion are welcome.