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Date: 2001-08-08 18:33:00 UTC
Subject: Bubba crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Bubba is a 12 year old, gray silver mitt. I knew him for such a short
time, only 2 1/2 months. When he came to me with his playmates, because
his people had medical problems.

Bubba was never one to be caged. In fact, he had me wrapped around his
little paws.
He would wake up and clamor to have out of the cage. Okay, so he got
free roam of my bed room during the daytime hours.

Then Bubba started getting finicky about his eating. So I took him to a
local vet.
It was then that I felt and saw this huge almost golf ball size tumor
behind his rear leg. The vet aspirated it and said cancer. But was too
new to ferrets for the surgery.

I found a wonderful vet 50 miles away, Dr. Laura Ivan. I took him to
her for an exam. The tumor had to come out and adrenals had to be
checked. The leg had 2 tumors.

The tumors were his death sentence, biopsy confirmed lymphosarcoma.
Recover started going well until a stitch broke loose and infection set
in. After that, poor Bubba got stomach ulcers which would not let him
enjoy life. No matter what we tried.

On Wednesday, August 8, Bubba rejectedly ate breakfast. But fought and
refused lunch. I could see the end was coming, and it hurt. His
abdomen was now twice the size it of normal, and he was so very weak.

Cancer was his death sentence, but I would not let it take him. In
tears, I sent him home to dance once again and be young.

Bubba, both I your new mommy and your real mom and dad, dearly miss you.

Sandee, please help an elderly ferret find the joys of being young and
free again.

Dearly missing my Bubba