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From: Joanne D'Amico
Date: 2001-08-08 22:00:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Lilburn - Digestive Enzymes

I use the following "digestive aids" with excellent results: 1-
FerretZyme Plus, by Pet's Friend, Inc. Phone: (305) 739-4416 - it has
"concentrated plant and pancreas enzymes" and "friendly bacteria", just
for ferrets. 2- I have also used a product called WholeZyme, available
in health food stores (Whole Foods Market) in conjunction with "Ark
Naturals Gentle Digest", another probiotic preparation for animals. I
have mentioned this before, but I also swear by slippery elm bark (mix
1/8 capsule in 1 mL water) to sooth the digestive tract about 30 minutes
before feeding or medicating. It is tasteless, and mixed in cool water,
mine take it readily. A ferret friend who is into "natural remedies" put
me onto it, for two of my fuzzies with serious intestinal problems
secondary to ECE, and it worked great. All of these products were
cleared by my very ferret knowledgable vet before use, by the way. And
you may want to clear this with your vet first, but I also add a pinch
of psyllium (unflavored Metamucil) to their "Duck Soup" to firm up their
stools .... I got that idea from Bob Church's "Chicken Gravy" recipe -
just don't use flavored kinds with aspartame, and don't overdo the pinch
.... Good Luck ...Joanne