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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-08-08 20:33:00 UTC
Subject: Roxy (Help Post)

Thanks for all the advice, comments and well wishes about
Roxy last weekend.
Sorry I haven't updated... I didn't mean to forget you guys...
been a long few days.
Roxy never responded or got any better. The sub-cu's were not
even being absorbed at all... nothing was working. By Sunday
late afternoon, she slipped into a coma and finally passed
away in my arms.
We just got the necropsy reports back this afternoon (Vet was
behind because a piece of equipment broke and she has to order
a replacement)... We never had a chance.
The cause of death was Intestinal Cancer... apparently the
reason she has had chronic IBS for a few months. The sudden
crash was because the cancer had literally eaten through and
caused a "blow out" in the intestinal tract.
Thats why all the medications, fluids and foods we pumped into
her all weekend did absolutely no good.