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From: kathie weber
Date: 2001-08-09 11:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] insulinoma and vomiting

Hi Lori, Predisone is very bitter tasting (I take it
for my asthma) and I mix Barneys with ferratone. So
far he's been ok so I guess its ok to mix it. The
second dossage I mix with his chicken soup, I found
that if I smash it first it's easier to go dow. Does
anyone else have any other ideas? If I'm doing
something wrong please correct me. Kathie along with
Barney, Mandy and Buster (we think out fuzzys are
--- Lori Crawford <ferret@g...> wrote:
> Hello all, I'm new to the ferret health list and I
> have a question about
> insulinoma and vomiting. My 6-year-old ferret had a
> large insulinoma
> removed from his pancreas in May-- they got about
> 80% of it, so some of
> the tumor is still there. After that he was put on
> 1.8 ml of prednisone
> twice a day. Since then he's been doing quite
> well-- very high energy
> at first, which has gradually been decreasing, but
> no hypoglycemic
> episodes.
> For the past couple of days, I've noticed that he
> seems to want to throw
> up after I give him the prednisone (which he's
> always hated the taste
> of.) He never actually threw it up, though, until
> tonight. At the same
> time he also threw up his last meal, and then had a
> hypoglycemic
> episode. I brought him out of it with a little Karo
> syrup and then fed
> him some of his regular food to prevent another
> sugar crash, and right
> now he seems OK.
> My question is, what should I do about the
> prednisone? If it starts
> making him throw up which then sets off an episode,
> it seems
> counterproductive to give it to him. On the other
> hand, I don't know if
> it's a good idea to discontinue it, either. Any
> ideas?
> Thank you!
> Lori and Unagi Inu

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