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Date: 2001-08-09 13:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: insulinoma and vomiting

When Champ was on so many medications for chronic renal failure and,
later, congestive heart failure, I put all of his oral meds into his
soup. He never even realized they were there. The only medication
that I've found (so far) that you can't mask the taste is
metranidazole (flagyl). That is the vilest tasting stuff on the face
of the earth, even compounded. When two of mine were on flagyl for
ECE (thank God the ECE protocol seems to be changing now), I could
only put a small portion of it in their soup. Any more and they
could taste it and refuse the soup. I had to give the rest right out
of the syringe. I kept the NutriStat handy so they could lick it

I have been extremely fortunate with Cedes (bilateral adrenal). He
has taken his PediaPred (also compounded) like a trooper. It tastes
pretty good to me. He gets 1 full ml at the time and doesn't
complain at all, just sucks it right down. I don't know how I got so
lucky. He was great with the amoxi also. But, believe me, I've also
been through the spitters and fighters with meds.

My deepest sympathy <g>.