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Date: 2001-08-09 16:00:00 UTC
Subject: Fleas - need vet help if possible

My vet is giving me a hassle about buying Advantage for use on my
ferrets. I need to show her some "literature" that shows that it is
ok to use and what the dosage should be. My "babies" live in an
upstairs bedroom with an elderly crotchety cat who does not associate
with any body on 2 or 4 legs, except me or my daughter. We always
seem to have a small flea population, never in this room on the
ferrets or this cat, due in part to having 4 dogs, 5 other cats all
of whom do go outside . Suddenly (within 2 days or so) the bedroom
where the ferrets reside is a flea mecca, you can not walk the floor
without having your ankles covered in less than 5 secs. NONE of the
other animals are ever in there and Mischief never leaves so how this
happened is anybody's guess. I am now trying to get advantage to
help the animals and spray to help get the rest under control, but
spraying is hard in a kid's bedroom especially when there are
reptiles that can not be moved living in the same room. ah well the
joys of animal ownership. PLease respond if you can help at all.