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From: Alicia D. Beth
Date: 2001-08-09 18:47:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Pet Insurance for Ferrets ???

I, too, looked for pet insurance for my ferrets a few years ago and
couldn't find any place that would insure them. In June of this year,
though, I purchased insurance for each of my 3 fuzzies through Veterinary
Pet Insurance. I couldn't find any other places that would insure. Their
website is at:

Cost for each was about $150/year or $13/month. Very small discount for
each additional pet. Rates are adjusted each year depending on the
#/amount of claims you submit (fewer claims = lower rate for that pet).

Basically, the policy requires that you pay your vet (in full or in
whatever payments you arrange) and then submit the receipts to VPI. Once
you submit the receipts, they determine what they'll pay. Maximum coverage
is pretty low if you have a very sick ferret or one who requires surgery,
and there are a bunch of things they won't cover (including any
pre-existing conditions, which they reserve the right to find out from your
vet), but hopefully, it will come in handy.

Just submitted my first few claims (one submitted about a month ago for
about $600, another submitted just this week for about $725), but haven't
heard anything yet. We'll see...

Alicia D. Beth