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From: kathie weber
Date: 2001-08-08 18:53:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Bubba crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

So sorry to hear about Bubba. I was following your
posts and hoping for the best. All the information
that you wrote will be a help to us if the need
arises. My Barney will be crossing the Bridge soon and
I sure hope Bubba is there waiting for him. My prayers
are with you and your family. Kathie and fuzzys
Barney, Mandy and Buster.
--- dookdook@h... wrote:
> Bubba is a 12 year old, gray silver mitt. I knew
> him for such a short
> time, only 2 1/2 months. When he came to me with
> his playmates, because
> his people had medical problems.
> Bubba was never one to be caged. In fact, he had me
> wrapped around his
> little paws.
> He would wake up and clamor to have out of the cage.
> Okay, so he got
> free roam of my bed room during the daytime hours.
> Then Bubba started getting finicky about his eating.
> So I took him to a
> local vet.
> It was then that I felt and saw this huge almost
> golf ball size tumor
> behind his rear leg. The vet aspirated it and said
> cancer. But was too
> new to ferrets for the surgery.
> I found a wonderful vet 50 miles away, Dr. Laura
> Ivan. I took him to
> her for an exam. The tumor had to come out and
> adrenals had to be
> checked. The leg had 2 tumors.
> The tumors were his death sentence, biopsy confirmed
> lymphosarcoma.
> Recover started going well until a stitch broke
> loose and infection set
> in. After that, poor Bubba got stomach ulcers which
> would not let him
> enjoy life. No matter what we tried.
> On Wednesday, August 8, Bubba rejectedly ate
> breakfast. But fought and
> refused lunch. I could see the end was coming, and
> it hurt. His
> abdomen was now twice the size it of normal, and he
> was so very weak.
> Cancer was his death sentence, but I would not let
> it take him. In
> tears, I sent him home to dance once again and be
> young.
> Bubba, both I your new mommy and your real mom and
> dad, dearly miss you.
> Sandee, please help an elderly ferret find the joys
> of being young and
> free again.
> Margie
> Dearly missing my Bubba

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