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Date: 2001-08-09 17:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Proglycem????

I need some urgent advise. I have a little girl (6 yrs. 8 mos.)
who had
surgery for adrenal/insulinoma in July. Altho no tumors were
seen/felt in
the pancreas it was thought the tumors were deep within. At this
point she's
at the top of the pred level and it's doing no good. It was
suggested I try
proglycem. Anyone with favorable results with proglycem, and is it
alone or with pred?

She only eats a few licks of gravy if I hold and finger feed her,
seen her eating/drinking on her own at all, has had sub-q fluids 2x,
has no
energy or interest in life, looks like a starved bag of bones, some
hind end
weakness at times, and some "spaced out" spells. Is there hope for
her with
proglycem, or considering her age and the cost, would it be better
to let her
go. I don't want to put a price on her life, yet if she's unhappy,
bad, no longer interested in anything, is it worth continuing to
force meds
on her.

Thanks in advance.