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Date: 2001-08-10 05:21:00 UTC
Subject: Sneezing

Hello all.

I could really use some advice. I recently purchised bought a 14-
week-old ferret after not having any ferrets for about 12 years now.
This is the first ferret my significant other (Kelly) has ever owned
and she was telling everyone at work about her (Mika our ferret).
Well it so happens that a co-worker also has a ferret that is 5 years
old and it seems no one has time for anymore so Kelly was asked if we
would like to take her and give her a good home and give her the time
and attention she has deserves. Well of course we jump at the chance
and now have her home for the first time.

Now after all of this set up you probably are really wondering what I
am working up to. So here it is.

Today is her first day at our house and she has been fine all day
both Mika and Kira have been getting along great, but now tonight
while sleeping Kira woke me up by sneezing. At first I didn't
give it a second thought and just went back to sleep, but later it
happened again and this time she was sneezing for a while. Then I saw
her go into the litter box to do her business and her stool wasn't
formed well. I wouldn't say she has diarrhea but It wasn't solid like
it is supposed to be either and the color was also different too. It
was a light greenish brown.

Now my question is this, could this just be because of her being in a
new environment and not eating much since getting here or is the
sneezing and stool a sign of something else.

I am planning on taking both the girls to the Vet later today.
Mika still needs to get her distemper shot and I want to have them
both to have a check up.

Of course since I have logged on Kira hasn't sneezed a bit and
is now sleeping with Mika in the hammock.

I would appreciate any info anyone could give me.
Russ, Kira and Mika