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From: Amber
Date: 2001-08-10 00:27:00 UTC
Subject: Re: VERY ill ferret..please help!

Update on Nilla...
As I posted before..I took her to the vet Monday due to her rapid
weight loss, runny yellowish-brown and mucousy stool, and refusal to
eat! The vet stated there were no parasites found in
her fecal exam and he didnt feel foreign object causing an
obstruction. He suspected Eosinonophilic Gastroenteritis/Inflamatory
Bowel Disease/Gastritis. She weighs a very scrawny 1.2lbs! He gave her

Carafate 1/8th tablet every 8-12 hours
Flagyl - .5cc every 8-12 hours
and a can of Hills A/D

She threw up the Flagyl immediately...but didnt have a problem with
the Carafate as she was on this 2 mos. ago due to severely bloody
stools. I tried to give her the flagyl a few more
times....again...she'd throw it up. She even bit me the last time I
tried to give it to her. SO...we've ditched the flaygl.
As of today....she's eating more of the chicken baby food/Hills A/D
mixture. The syringe is not necessary now. She will lick it out of my
hand but still has to be scruffed a bit or she will fight it. A few
days ago I noticed her poking around in the food appeared
she tried to eat a few pieces of kibble. that i think about
it..i didnt hear any crunching going she probably didnt really
eat it. I've not seen her poke around in the bowl since then.
I called the vet today for an update. He also agreed to ditching the
Flagyl. He suggested I try to sneak a few pieces of kibble into the
baby food. So, I tried this tonight....she will eat *around* the
kibble and avoid it at all costs. I just dont understand why the
sudden change. She's a little over 4 years old and has eaten the same
kibble all her life and has always LOVED it. While on the phone with
the vet...I asked about any possible tests he could run to try to
pinpoint the problem. He told me nothing would really tell him for
sure except a stomach biopsy and he didnt feel this was necessary
*yet*. I've gotten a few replies via email and I'd like to thank all
of you for being so concerned. I'm doing a lot of research tonight
and making a list of possible problems and remedies that have worked
for others. I'm supposed to call the vet early next week for an
update. If she's still avoiding her kibble i'll have to schedule
another appointment. Hopefully, I'll have a list complied to give the
vet as he's really not certain of the problem.

Thanks again everyone!

Amber, Nilla, Rikki, and Ferris!