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Date: 2001-08-10 07:01:00 UTC
Subject: Digest Number 332: TN panel, I am so confused

It may be the insulinoma that is causing the hair loss. Endocrine
can cause hair loss - with ferrets it is usually adrenals but i have
uncomplicated insulinomas cause haid loss - is the ferret bald? it
may be
the heat or it may be seasonally. Dr T. Lightfoot mentioned in a
this year that part of the adrenal syndrome can begin with a season
hair loss
that progresses to hair loss with out regrowth.

The adrenals may be big - but they may not be producing abnormal
amounts yet
- I would follow along and see what the levels are in 3 months. if
might need sx. I have seen some adrenal tumors that do not produce

good luck.

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