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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-03-03 16:30:00 UTC
Subject: Cancels Ideas On Dead Fert

Jeeez well so much for all the convincing the did on the
ohone... Just even a quick "laymans" lookover and I have a
pretty damn
good idea what killed those ferrets.
First off, this body was skeletal... skin and bones. Secondly,
even though he has been dead and in a fridge for several
hours, his
body was STILL swarming with fleas... his entire skin covered
with flea dirt, big sores.... and it looked pretty clear even
to me
that this ferret had a raging case of anemia.
Of course I will still take the body in for an offical
necropsy... but I doubt I will be very surpised.