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Date: 2001-08-10 13:50:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Sneezing

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., sandtiger@i... wrote:
> Today is her first day at our house and she has been fine all day
> both Mika and Kira have been getting along great, but now tonight
> while sleeping Kira woke me up by sneezing......Then I saw
> her go into the litter box to do her business and her stool wasn't
> formed well.

I would bet you anything that the diarrhea is just stress from being
moved to a new home. Can you imagine being taken from your lifetime
home and being moved in with total strangers? The sneezing is
probably from being in a new envrionment. Every new ferret that has
come into my home has been through their little sneezing period.

I would just keep an eye on her for a couple of days. She will
probably be just fine. If she starts acting sickly or lethargic, you
may need to act.