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Date: 2001-08-10 16:05:00 UTC
Subject: Allergies (ferrets, not mine)

Hi -I'm new to this list but have searched it periodically for
information. I have two wonderful, adorable sable ferrets,
approximately a year old, that I love dearly. I have a puzzling
problem though. My male seems to be suffering from a severe allergic
reaction (the vet says the worst she's ever seen). I was hoping
someone could provide me some clues or some things to try because I
am very worried.

Symptoms are red, swollen feet - lumps around neck and head - red
splotches on belly - red skin on belly and neck, bumps around mouth -
ocassional swelling around eyes - and yesterday really puffy eyes and
a swollen, red penis (which now looks almost normal).

For the past 8 days, we have treated with benedryl three times a day
and an antibiodic (Clavamox) twice a day. As of today we are on
Prednisone twice a day as well.

Here's a timeline. I was out of town (they were cared for at home)
and upon return noticed lumps around neck and redness and spotted a
flea on belly. He got a quicky rinse bath and they were due for flea
treatment so we used their Frontline treatment. The next day his
belly and neck were fire red and he was extremely lethargic. We went
immediately to the vet where she noticed the red, swollen feet and
more of the above symptoms. We treated with above meds. Plus
prednisone shot. Plus bath.
The female also had some symptoms but not nearly as bad. She cleared
right up but the male has varied all week, one day looking better and
the next looking terrible. Yesterday his eyes were swollen, his
penis was swollen and he was red on belly and neck plus feet are
still extremely red and swollen. We had another bath and went back
to the vet.

I have strictly controlled their environment since the initial
breakout. The before the breakout yesterday he had not been out of
his cage for 24 hrs (but had every other night) which makes me wonder
if it is something IN the cage. Generally his energy level had been

They have used the same food (Zu Preem) and litter brand (Yesterday's
news)as well as the same laundry soap (Arm and Hammer) for their
whole life.

Here's what we've tried or noticed: The baths and benedryl help. I
am not seeing fleas now. I have just now tried changing their food
and litter brand and I am changing detergents today, so we'll see on
those - I am open to recommendations.

I know this is extremely difficult to diagnose from an e-mail, but
was hoping that someone might have had some experience that could
point me at some things to try.
I love my little guys and want Sebastian to be well soon.

Thank you.