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From: suzanne mounsey
Date: 2001-08-10 22:43:00 UTC
Subject: New Canine Distemper Vaccine info-help

I have a question. I know that there was a new canine
distemper vaccine approved. I went to my vet today
(ferret-specializing one), and I asked her if she was
giving the new vaccine (Pancho Villa Weasel had his
distemper left) and she said that she is getting
conflicting reports from the drug reps. She says that
they either tell her it will be a while, or that the
new vaccine isn't being released at all!!

I really hope someone here has some good information.
Pancho had a bad reaction, even with the benadryl
injection before hand, and I'd REALLY not like to go
through that again!

Thanks for any help!


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