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Date: 2001-08-11 02:53:00 UTC
Subject: New- Intro & a few questions

Hello, all -
I literally just stumbled across this board and was delighted to find
it. I searched in vain for one five years ago and could find none.
I've been reading for an hour now and learning a great deal even
though I've had ferrets for some time.

So, here's a question or two: Is there any searchable database yet
online where all this info can be found? What other great resources
am I missing out on? Do I need to do something specific to join, or
is just going ahead and posting okay? Is there someplace online to
find a "ferret vet" in my area? (Something I have never found here.)

I'm realizing by reading that I've been lucky with the health of my
ferret pals. Best wishes to all of those who are enduring heartaches.
And thanks to everyone for contributing - this seems to be a lively,
informative, warm place.