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From: Wendy Briggs
Date: 2001-08-11 10:04:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Proglycem????

Dear Suki and Sandee: My 7yr old girl has been on Proglycem/Pred 2xdaily
4ml each dosage. Amazing results. Fur lucious...more energy....weight gain
(probably Pred. belly). The combination has been since l year. Before that
just Pred. My vet told me I would probably have to up the doseage if she
got worse. But so good..sigh.

Hugs to your fuzzies. Wendy and Gang

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Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 7:39 AM

> >I need some urgent advise. I have a little girl (6 yrs. 8 mos.) who had
> >surgery for adrenal/insulinoma in July. Altho no tumors were seen/felt
> >the pancreas it was thought the tumors were deep within. At this point
> >at the top of the pred level and it's doing no good. It was suggested I
> >proglycem. Anyone with favorable results with proglycem, and is it used
> >alone or with pred?
> >
> >She only eats a few licks of gravy if I hold and finger feed her, haven't
> >seen her eating/drinking on her own at all, has had sub-q fluids 2x, has
> >energy or interest in life, looks like a starved bag of bones, some hind
> >weakness at times, and some "spaced out" spells. Is there hope for her
> >proglycem, or considering her age and the cost, would it be better to let
> >go. I don't want to put a price on her life, yet if she's unhappy,
> >bad, no longer interested in anything, is it worth continuing to force
> >on her.
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> >
> >Sandi
> We personally had very good luck with Proglycem, some having Pred
> also and some not. Have read of some ferrets which did not respond
> to it enough, though.
> Sometimes the only way to know is to try.
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