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From: Linda Soule
Date: 2001-08-11 14:59:00 UTC
Subject: Bi-Adrenal Surgery not doing well

I have a 6 year old female that has gone through several
surgeries and has lots of adhesions. Her last surgery was
over 3 weeks ago and she is not doing well. All of a sudden
she decided not to eat unless I syringe her, but once I
started the meds, she won't take the syringe. She use to eat
a soup that I made up for her, but now I have gone to baby
food since it has less grit. Her are her symptoms:

shivers like she is cold
grits her teeth
doesn't want me to hold her
doesn't move around much
not eating on her own
is on .01 cc pediped daily for the next week
was on carafate 4-6 hours
previously on pepto

I took this little girl in last Sept for 3 weeks and it has
been almost a year and her mom turned her over to me since she
said I could take better care of her and her sister. She has
had problem each time she has had surgery, but I don't like
her not eating. If I force feed her, I wear more than she
gets in her plus she grits her teeth something fierce. The
vet and I talked yesterday and he told me to take her off of
everything for the next 2 days and see how she does. He said
after the last surgery they finally had to do this and she did
start to eat after a couple of days, but that worries me. I
think she needs to eat. I do have a bowl of food in the room
for her and I did put her back into the room she use to have
before I got the other 5 little ones.

Has anyone had this problem? Do you have any suggestions on
what to do with her next? I hate to give her meds since she
fights so much and grits her teeth worse. I just hate
stressing her.

Thank you for reading this note. I know I have rambled but I
am at my wits end with this one. I am not new to the ferrets
but she has me stump and the vet too.
Linda and the 24 little ones