Message Number: YG6312 | New FHL Archives Search
From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-11 22:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: New- Intro & a few questions

>Hello, all -
>I literally just stumbled across this board and was delighted to find
>it. I searched in vain for one five years ago and could find none.
>I've been reading for an hour now and learning a great deal even
>though I've had ferrets for some time.
>So, here's a question or two: Is there any searchable database yet
>online where all this info can be found? What other great resources
>am I missing out on? Do I need to do something specific to join, or
>is just going ahead and posting okay? Is there someplace online to
>find a "ferret vet" in my area? (Something I have never found here.)
>I'm realizing by reading that I've been lucky with the health of my
>ferret pals. Best wishes to all of those who are enduring heartaches.
>And thanks to everyone for contributing - this seems to be a lively,
>informative, warm place.

Don't forget the files and search feature at

There are also long term files associated with the Ferret Mailing
List but I don't have that addy handy; perhaps someone else can post
that, and it's certainly good for other people to post more useful
health webpages since I have time to only put in a few (many of which
have links to yet more):

There are some vets in the FHL data so try that search engine, and
also check out the Star Ferrets website in case Pam still lists vets.