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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-11 22:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: Vets advice please

May need more Lasix: the dosage need changes over time but luckily
there is no upper limit for the species since it instead depends on
the individual. We had one who was getting something like 6X what
had been thought to be the upper limit once and having no problems
with it. can recall having three oral syringes of the stuff each time
she got dosed and think that was something like three times a day. On
the other hand, we have had one who had trouble tolerating it.

It is possibly time to add Digoxin; ask vet.

See note below about Phenobarbital; it was so-so but she was someone
who had been through a lot of grande mal seizures so any help was

We seemed to find that -- IN CONJUNCTION with the heart meds -- Co
Enzyme 10Q seemed to add to quality of life. We gave it with a
ferret vitamin that has both E and C since it's supposed to be given
with a bit of those.

Avoid any supplements or herbals which can mess with pressure or rate
such caffeine, licorice, etc. You know how it is: suit the med to
the individual needs and know which are counter-indicated as well as
indicated. I really respect the way you have made a point of being
well informed in this regard, and know how hard it can be to find a
working balance at times.

>>I hadn't heard of pred causing heart problems, but I have had ferts with
>>cardiomyopathy. You don't mention Icabod getting any heart medication.
>>When ol' Petey developed heart trouble they immediately put him on Lasix
>>and a heart stimulant.
>We have also had ferrets on quite a bit of heart-health meds with
>helpful results: things like Lasix to reduce ascites, Enacard,
>Digoxin, etc.
>When Ruffle had Insulinoma seizures with cardiomyopathy they used
>Proglycem at increasingly larger doses till it would not work
>anymore then they added Phenobarbital which helped a bit for a
>little while. In her case due to also developing liver cysts
>surgery was finally hazarded and she made it through but the chances
>of the surgery killing her was very high, given the existing
>cardiomyopathy (and other problems).