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From: Steph
Date: 2001-08-11 21:38:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] kittens and ferrets

I have 10 cats, a ferret and a small dog, all do well
together. Before Mikey came to live with me I had 3 ferrets
and they too all got along with my cats.
My youngest cat, Rum Tum and Mikey woke me up last night
running around the place. I only interupt the play if someone
lets me know that it is getting too rough, or Mikey is too
tired, and as soon as I do they usually jump right back to
start to wrestle again. I do worry about very young kittens
with ferrets, but once they can get out of the way and fend a
bit for themselves I have never found a problem.
My ferret Woolf, who passed away a few months ago would bring
my 14 pound cat, Lancelot, to the ground with her ear hold
(she never broke skin). Lancelot in turn perfected a roll to
dislodge her, before the roll I used to take Woolf off of him,
at which time they would start the game all over. Woolf was
only 1.8 pounds. I think that cats and ferrets do well
together, but all of mine, except for Nicholas, have been
brought up together. Nicholas came to me at 15 years of age.
He has never tried to hurt any of my ferrets, but prefers to
watch from a distance.
Have fun!
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From: Marla Wadsworth
To: ferret list ; FML Ferret Mailing List
Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2001 9:01 PM

I am currently hosting a foster kitten between 4-6 monhts
old and would
appreciate any advice on ferrets and kittens. They have all
been around
each other but I think kitties play is a tad rough...the
ferrets love to
tease her and try and engage in rough and tumble but when is
it too
much? I dont want any harm to come to my furrbutts as this
kitty thing
may just be a temp situation...thanks

Marla Meiko Artey, Cinnamon Fro(who is doing much much
better and is
eating again, and Smokey and the Bandit

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