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From: Sydney
Date: 2001-08-12 02:24:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] kittens and ferrets

I've always had a cat with ferrets and never had a
problem so far. When our current cat, Katie, first
came here she was very tiny so we only allowed
supervised time with the ferrets until she grew a bit.
They would tend to drag her off otherwise. Now they
chase and wrestle with each other and have a great
time. As long as they are going back for more, I
don't worry too much. But if one of the ferrets looks
tired, particularly our older ferret, then I will call
time out since Katie is still an energetic youngster.
Our house also has plenty of tubes and other hiding
places that only a ferret can get into. Our other cat,
Nell, was older when we first got ferrets. She never
got into wrestling and rough housing but she did enjoy
a game of chase now and then though. But I always
supervise when I bring a new ferret or cat into the
house until I feel comfortable leaving them


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