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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-12 13:30:00 UTC
Subject: re:Icabod and heart/breathing probs

>I had a fuzzie with cardiomyopathy; he had a great deal of trouble with his
>breathing as well. He was on Potassium, Lasix, Diogoxin, Enacard, you name
>it. My vet suggested Theopholine (sp?), a bronchial dilator, to help with
>his breathing. I couldn't believe how much more comfortable he seemed to be.
>Good luck!
>Earlicks and toebitings to all,

Oh, great points about the potassium (Bananas are a good source, but
when there has been a LOT of Lasix we have used NuSalt, but don't
over-do it because too much potassium is also dangerous for them.),
and about the bronchiodilator. I recall someone on the FML a few
years ago whose ferret was given oxygen enriched air a few times a
day with fine results, too.