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Date: 2001-08-12 10:24:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] kittens and ferrets

I dont want any harm to come to my furrbutts as this kitty thing
may just be a temp situation...thanks

Marla Meiko Artey, Cinnamon Fro(who is doing much much better and

If they are introduced properly and you watch the reactions, they
should be
okay. My Mom has two cats and two large dogs. My four ferrets and
they all
get along well together. (either at her house, or when I'm
babysitting the
cats/dogs...) The younger dog is the only one I would trust
unsupervised with
my ferrets. The older one is 14 yrs old (that's old for a used to be
90 lb
dog) and has cushings disease, cancer..... She's is a crabby old
fart and
will bark at them. She will lay there and watch them, and she can
smell them
but, they can't smell her. My ferrets have learned to sniff from a
and leave her alone. When both cats are at my place, both will
tolerate the
ferrets, and the female will play with them. When the ferrets are
Mom's, the female will play, and the male wants nothing to do with
them. If
the ferrets are under the covers on the bed, the male will strike at
with claws out. The female always keeps her claws in. (this is when
the cats
are trying to sleep and the ferrets get up on the bed)

The main thing I would say is to watch the claws. They can scratch
the eyes
or face. If the kitten is tolerating the bitting and playing then I
things are fine. Just watch to see if the claws are being kept in.

Amy and the boys