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From: Troy Lynn Eckart
Date: 2001-08-13 11:24:00 UTC
Subject: Re: trouble urinating

We had a false negative on the adrenal panel. A few weeks later I had our
vet go in for a look-see and the left adrenal came out. Problem solved.

With boys, the first sign of possible prostate problems is the small
amount of urine passed or the frequent backing up and not urinating. We
start them on baytril at this point and it does help.

We've currently got 7 adrenal surgeries coming up, 6 boys and only 1 girl.
Ferris is on baytril and drenamin because his prostate is involved. The
others I'll start on melatonin to see if it will help them till we get
them in for surgery. Two of the boys are older and already had the left
adrenals removed so....

Hugs to all. tle
Troy Lynn Eckart
Ferret Family Services