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From: Angela
Date: 2001-08-13 08:59:00 UTC
Subject: Hair loss on tails?


I know hair loss on a ferrets tail could be a sign of Adrenal
disease, but are there any other reasons why ferts lose tail hair?
I've got a problem! My 3 newest kids are all having thinning
hair on their tails all the sudden. I adopted all 3 of them from the
KiSta shelter when it closed, so they've been here with us for,
getting close to two months I guess. One ferret, a male, Calvin, had
a tiny bit of hair thinning at the end of his tail when he arrived
here. Now the 2 females tails are doing the same thing.
Keep in mind that I recently posted about my buddy Glacier and
his symptoms, one of those being tail hair loss. I have 1 guy, Rocky,
whom has been with us the longest who has not shown any signs of
thinning tail hair yet.
They all are caged together, and one other thing is that they
seem to be REALLY itchy lately, with no signs of fleas or anything
else. I was kinda wondering about some kind of mite or skin thing
that is catchy?? They can be sleeping soundly and just jump down out
of their hammocks and scratch wildly.
Hope someone can give me some kind of idea what to look for or
do about this. Thank you!

and the 5 north GA fuzzbutts,Rocky,Glacier,Diva,Foxy,and Calvin