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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-08-13 23:43:00 UTC
Subject: Surgery on Ferret w/ Cardio? Help?

I have a ferret (Tigger) who will turn 3 years old in September. He
was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy on November 17, 2000.
Prior to finding this out, he'd had a bilateral adrenalectomy on
September 25, 2000. He is again showing classic signs of adrenal
disease which leads me to believe he has ectopic tissue causing the

We're seeing Dr. Weiss on Friday (17th) to do the complete work-up
for cardio... chest films, ECG, CBC and whatever needs done that he
feels is necessary. Tigger is on meds to manage his cardio:
0.05 lasix 10 mg/ml susp twice daily
1/4 tablet florinef 0.1 mg once daily
1/2 tablet enalapril 1.0 mg once daily
He is doing quite well on this regimen and we haven't had to increase
it since his diagnosis 9 months ago.

That having been said, I'm debating back and forth with myself on
whether or not it is a good idea to do surgery. Since it is most
likely ectoptic tissue, should I not worry about it? Or, since he is
doing well so far, should we chance going in and having a look around
before he gets older and his heart weakens? I worry about things
like insulinoma in there too...

I know none of you can tell me what to do specifically (though I wish
you could). However, I am looking for input as to what some of you
out there have decided to do. Anyone been in a similar situation and
gone ahead with the surgery? Did you regret it or was it a good
idea? Vets and vet techs, do you have any input to offer up? Any of
you just go with the Lupron Depots and avoid the anethesia and

Please, I would very much appreciate anyone's help. I'm scared to
death about this decision... he is my baby... I don't want to tempt
the fates to take him early but I've always had a "cut first" type of
mentality. It's hard not to want to try going forward with the
surgery. If you have anything to share, please reply to the list or
send on to my personal address at ferretkrazi @ (without
the spaces).

Thank you so much for your time.

Erin Simkins
Education Director
American Ferret Association