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From: Kristine
Date: 2001-08-14 01:42:00 UTC
Subject: Facial/feet swelling, extreme redness and scabs-

I'm posting this for a friend of mine without internet access.

She is a small shelter in Washington who had a ferret turned in
that she and her vet is at loss with.

Conner came to Lacy in April. He's 1 years old. When he
arrived he was depressed and throwing up. Then about one
week later his face started swelling. She used benedryl on him.
She thinks it may of worked the first few times. He would do
better then in a few days would reswell. She tried different
laundry soaps, treats ect. He also had puss filled scabs behind
his ears, around his eyes and on his back.

Her vet did a culture and sensitivity. They found a staph and E.
coli infection from the swab taken behind his ears.

Since then they have tried Amoxy, Clavamox, Flagyl and
trimephaprim sulfur. After trying the T. Sulfer and shaving his
head and behind his ears he did better. He was on the T. Sulfer
for 2 weeks. About a week after the meds ended it came back.
He started getting puffy faced. She then tried T. Sulfur again and
it did not work and his face swelled to the point that his eyes
could not open. Since then it's been coming and going...a good
few days and then bad days. She then went to another vet and
they said to try predisone. This worked awesome...for a good
two weeks he started playing, and his appitite picked up. He
was on 1mg in the am and the pm daily. His had little scabs all
over her during this time though..but the swelling has been
gone. Then after that two week period his face swelled. And
now his feet are swelled too. They are also beet red. The ear
infections look like they are back also. She just upped the dose
on the pred but it's only been today, so we don't know if it will
work again.

Any idea's docs, folks? This sort of reminds me of my kid with
phemigus..but he never had that kind of swelling...and we've had
to up the pred when it starts to come back too..but it's never just
popped back like this seems to. Conner is still active and
eating...but the swelling is very very bad. His feet are triple the
size they should be.

Ok-She just said a new thing to me too....he carries a temperture
on and off. At it's highest was close to 107 degree's.

Thank you guys,