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Date: 2001-03-03 19:45:00 UTC
Subject: Re Cleo's Paws

Thought I would post the results of Cleo's vet visit today for her paw
condition. I read Dick's post about sarcopic mange right before our
appointment and did request a skin scraping which came back negative
for mites. Thank you for the input; as awful as mange is, I must
admit I was kind of hoping for a positive test -- mange would be
better than what I'm afraid Cleo is facing.

I discussed some of what Dr. Williams has been kind enough to post
about Cleo's condition with the vet and she acknowledged that
subcutaneous lymphoma is a possibility. She said she has seen one dog
with it. Before doing a biopsy, she wants to try clearing up the
infection and giving different fungal medications another try.

Cleo was given an Ivermectin injection in the off chance the 2 skin
scrapings missed any mites; she was prescribed Baytril for the
infection, Betadine solution for washings twice a day, and Panalog

My heart wants this to work so bad, but in my head, I've
always suspected that Cleo had major problems. We will give this
approach our best shot and hope for the best - please keep her in your
fuzzy prayers.