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From: Shirley Hewett
Date: 2001-08-14 03:30:00 UTC
Subject: demodex

My Bobby,6 years old, had surgery 8 days ago to remove what
seemed to be a growth from his prepuce which was almost
occluding the opening. The pathology report on the removed
tissue arrived today and described the sebaceous glands as
having "large numbers of parasitic organisms with cross
sections consistent with Demodex." Also the sweat glands
showed marked ditatation and proliferation. I've never heard
of Demodex before. Can anybody enlighten me? What would cause
the sweat gland hyperplasia? There was no sign of neoplasia.
Has anybody come across this before?
Bobby is doing just fine with his newly reconstructed prepuce
and I will have a chance to ask the vet about the pathology
report when he goes in for suture removal, but I am just too
curious to wait that long. I can send the entire pathology
report if my description is too scanty.
Love & Dooks